Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Number 1

Hello, and welcome to the very first post of Ankh = Life, a blog about Shamans.

What about Shamans, you might ask? That, I'm not even sure of. I am keeping this a very open-ended blog, at least for now. Could be my experiences in Azeroth through the eyes of Nimala, the only toon I currently play. Could be things I've learned that I feel others would benefit from knowing as well. Hell, it could be about my uncle Tony and his unnatural obsession with petting barnyard animals (Now I know what you're thinking, but it's okay! He washes his hands before and after). Most likely, this will be a collage of just about anything and everything I have to say rgarding Shamans in World of Warcraft

"But...who the hell are you and why do you want to write a blog?" The first part is easy: Call me Nim. I am not, in fact, a female, and when people call me Nimala, it makes me feel...pretty.......Anyway, Nim. It's much more....well, not-girly. The second part of that question is a bit more complicated.

It started when I first specced into Restoration. I was clueless. Now, I've been away from the blogging community for a while, but I know that some of the best advice comes from the great ideas and tips people share via blogs. It was an obvious choice for me. I popped "Resto Shaman + Blog" into my Google search and....wait...did I misspell something? No, no, everything's spelled right. Why are there so few blogs about Resto Shamans? I didn't think too much about it at the time and decided to jump over to the Elitist Jerks Forum, whereupon my brain immediately exploded in a fit of numbers and statistics.

Fast forwarding to present day: I just dualled back into Enhancement. I need to learn some macros if my 4 spell-fingers want to be at all effective in this spec. One of the first sites that popped up was Shields Up!; more specifically, drug's Basic Shaman Macros post. While it gave me some good tips about macros in my resto spec, that's not what I was looking for. But I was intrigued by his blog, as I am wont to do about just about anything WoW. So I began perusing through some of his posts, and I saw in particular one post that gave me a flashback of my first days as a resto shaman. The very first sentence was "...there aren’t really a lot of resto shaman blogs out there." It made me sad to have found so few blogs about them, and I don't want potential future Resto Shamans to be as sad as I was. I'm a good guy, I really am. It totally had nothing to do with the fact that I needed something to get me to start writing again and what's better to write about than something you love? Altruism is my anti-drug. Yep.

Anyway, I hope that answered your question. In my next post, I will likely be going over my feelings on the 3.3 changes to Shamans (and changes in general) since my Blizzard downloader just finished up. Icecrown, here I come!


  1. Hey Nim, I can't find you feedreader icon... I want to read the feed!

  2. And I want you to read the feed! I just don't know how it works. >_> Apologies for the inconvenience and my ignorance. Hopefully I'll get it figured out soon and I'll have it up. Keep an eye out!