Thursday, February 4, 2010

Filler Post: Pike Eats Her Candy With The Pork And Beans

As of this Monday, my work shift has...well, shifted. Instead of an 0800-1630 shift, it is now 1200-2030. Needless to say, I have some sleeptime adjusting to do, I am very maladjusted.

So instead of an actual, factual post, I am directing you to Pike from Aspect Of The Hare. More specifically, her post in which she draws out her idea of Weezer's Pork And Beans. The post is just over two weeks old, which makes me sad I hadn't seen it sooner. But it's okay! Because I've seen it now. And it quite truly made my day.

Thanks, Pike, for awesomeness in drawn form.

Real post coming this weekend.

[edit] Pike has made this into a video. I assure you, it it still awesome.

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