Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WoW-Less Syndrome

As I sit here on my broken laptop, I have, a mere two flights of stairs away, a desktop computer with WoW installed. That's right, I dusted off my old computer and it still runs WoW! I'm back, baby!

But why aren't you playing right now, then? I'm glad you asked. I am still suffering from what I call WoW-Less syndrome. After taking such a long break from the game, I've lost some of my desire to jump right back in. I've gone so long without the game, it's hard to imagine actually playing again. All I can seem to remember doing in the game is dailies and heroics. I know this is because I never really had the chance to raid a lot (and therefore little recollection of raiding), but it's a very boring thing to remember in a game that took up so much of my time, and I would much rather quit the game altogether than waste 3-4 hours of my day doing menial chores. This may or may not be a moot point depending on if my friend's raiding guild can fit in with my work schedule - and if not, I know there are raiding guilds out there that can use a healer weekdays past 9pm (Right? RIGHT?!?)

At the same time, though, this break has given me some new goals for when I finally log back in. First is finding a guild that I enjoy being in. There's no sense in playing if you don't enjoy the company of those you have to put up with. Next is to find some good healing addons - mainly something to help track buffs and debuffs, but I'm considering a complete UI overhaul as well.

All in all, I would have to say that this break was a good thing for me. A good thing that I hope never happens again.

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