Thursday, March 4, 2010

Single Abstract Noun: Blog Community Guild

Tamarind and Miss Medicina are mind readers. I've had this idea rolling around in my head for some time, but they dove straight into my head and took it! It's a good thing, too, becuase I sure as hell wasn't doing anything about it.

Single Abstract Noun is a guild for the blogging community - that includes bloggers as well as blog readers. SAN is a social guild and a means for the blogging community to get together to...well, do whatever they want. Discussions will be had, Hoggers will be downed, RPing will be played, all-around tomfoolery and shenanigans will be declared. You can find more information regarding SAN in Miss M's post, as well as Tam's.

If you want to join, you can find us on the Feathermoon Argent Dawn RP server (both US and EU realms). US players will want to roll Alliance, and EU realms are 4 teh Horde. US players can join the chat channel "singleabstractnoun" and request a guild invite from there.

**Note** Bloggers do not need to 'recreate' their character. In fact, I would even suggest the contrary. Play something you've never played before! If nothing else, it would make for an interesting blog post. I made a Warrior. I'm sure you will see future posts by me with such titles as "How I Phail'd Warrioring" and "Why I was kicked out of yet another PuG for pretending I knew how to play a warrior".

[edit] Bad Nim! It's Argent Dawn, not Feathermoon!


  1. Well I didn't recreate a character... I joined with my second ever character - Argent Dawn used to be my home... which means I can slack off until you all reach level 30! I could also join with the original Gameldar... but he looks funny and he's a night elf hunter!

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  3. @gameldar Well, in all honestly, all NE's look funny. >_> But glad you joined the SAN ranks!

  4. I joined up as well.

    Fealen the gnome mage. (I have no idea how to play a mage)

    It'll be fun going through the leveling process with people whom have the same issues as me. Funds, bag space (Miss got bags for our GB to make our lives easier) and being lost.

    Can't wait to see you in game!

  5. @Faelen Huzzah! We can suck together with foreign classes we don't know how to play!