Monday, March 1, 2010

Twitter Question Of The Week

I've had an epiphone. As you may know, I recently created a Twitter. I am sad that I didn't create one sooner, too, because I am in love with it, and I'm on it pretty much whenever I'm home or at work. I figured, though, that since I'm on it so much, I should make some use of it. And thus, the Twitter Question of the Week was born.

Every week, I will be asking a WoW-related opinion-based question on Twitter for anybody to answer. Every Sunday, I will be posting everybody's answers here, with my own thoughts on the subject as well.

My hopes in doing this are to get a better understanding of the WoW community - more specifically, the blog-reading WoW community, as they are generally less QQ and more "I don't agree with that". There are questions that I've not seen asked, or that I have seen asked, but in a place where many people would not have a chance to give their two cents on the matter. These are the kinds of questions you may see here.

Even though the questions will asked in Twitter, you can use just about any means to get an answer to me. The easiest way, of course, is to simply reply or send a DM to @nim_ankh. However, if you have more than 140 characters to say on the subject, you are welcome to e-mail me an answer as well ( Hell, if you see me in-game, you can even /w the answer to me (I have WIM, I won't miss it)


  1. First, I want to be able to customize the colors on my gear. I don't want green legs with a golden chest red gauntlets and a purple axe. I want this crap to match!

    Second, I want my hearth stone, mage/lock portals, or whatever else, to be able to port me back to my previous location just like the LFG does now. I only need to go to town for a second to sell crap and repair, I shouldn't need to spend another 5 minutes flying back to where I was just so I can get back to what I was doing.

    Third, I want to see some cooking recipes that require chicken. And I'm not talking one or two here, I'm talking like 500 new recipes that all use chicken. You can't tell me all those chickens running around in the noob zones aren't eaten by somebody, and they certainly aren't eaten rare. Gimme chicken recipes!

    That is all.

  2. You didn't know? Chickens are sacred in the land of Azeroth! That's why it's considered a high respect to have a prarie chicken give you her egg!

    Thanks for your thoughts! Be sure to check in on Sunday for everybody else's!

  3. Thanks for the link to World of Wallpapers!