Sunday, March 7, 2010

Twitter Question Of The Week: What Would You Like To See Put Into Cataclysm?

You may remember that, a few posts back, I had an idea to use twitter to ask a question every week for people to answer. Well, it's been a week, so it's time to share the responses I got.

My first TWotW was simple: What would you like to see put into Cataclysm?

Jen over at Stories of WoW was quick to answer:
Cross-Realm BoA mailing. PLEASE.
Luckily, her call was heard! Blizzard's Twitter Dev Chat revealed that "We have cross-faction mail for BoA items now; cross-realm is a work in progress, but we hope to have it done 'soon.'" You may not even need to wait for Cataclysm for this.

Psynister of Psynister's Notebook brought up something I hadn't thought about since Vanilla WoW:
"Color customization for gear! I don't want hot pink robes, dang it!
Upon thinking about it again, I would still love to see this implemented. It would add more character uniqueness, and I can't help but picture the biggest, grizzliest, meanest Orc Death Knight rocking pink armor to take down Deathwing. Unfortunately, I don't see this happening anytime soon. Blizzard has already released quite a few armor skins multiple times with different colors for differentiation.

Khi the Tree Burglar's response was short, sweet, and I think everybody would agree that this would make for a welcome addition to Cataclsym:
More cowbell
She must have a fever. And there's only one perscription. (I can't believe there's an entire Wikipedia entry on this)

Gameldar of Wow In An Hour is a simple man with a simple desire:
 In character homage to me? Gameldar the clock seller maybe? :)
 Did I mention humble? He's totally humble.

What about you, Nim? What would you like to see put into Cataclysm? An excellent question, and I'm glad you asked it. There are many things that I would like to see in this expansion (and a lot of things I would like taken out). Out of everything, though, there is only one thing that I MUST see in Cataclysm.

New forms for Troll  and Worgen Druids.

Imagine a Troll Rhino tank, or Raptor DPS. Firstly, how awesome would that be? Secondly (DISCLAIMER: I am not a Lore nut, and thus my reasoning may be wrong), would it not fit into lore much better if Trolls, being a race that's been around far longer than Night Elves or Tauren, shapeshifted into more 'primitive' animals? They've already proven that there ARE trolls that become rhinos, and that it's possible to choose different animals (such as snakes) to shapeshift into.

I'm not really sure what a Worgen Druid should shift into, but it shouldn't be a bear or a cat. That's silly. If nothing else, it should be a wolf, amirite?

And thus concludes the very first Twitter Question of the Week. Thank you Jen, Psynister, Khi, and Gameldar for your thoughts. If you didn't get a chance to answer, but would still like to add your two cents, feel free to leave a comment. I'd still love to hear everybody's thoughts. And don't forget to follow me on Twitter (@nim_ankh)!


  1. There was a so-called "leak" floating around a while back that could be the troll cat form. I'm pretty sure it was fan-made and not official, but it really did look like something Blizzard would make.

    Ah, here it is:

    I'd love to be able to shapeshift into a raptor too, but I don't see it happening. (Though if it does, my new main is officially troll feral druid!)

  2. I think the word you are looking for is 'funny' not humble. And it is usually prefixed with a 'tries to be' and a suffix of '(and fails miserably)'.

  3. @Kiryn: The face on there If it is fan-made, though, it's incredibly well done. And yes, if I could be a Troll Rhino, I SO would be there.

    @Gameldar: If it's any consolation, I would totally buy a clock from Gameldar =P